We provided Allied Plumbing Supplies with a responsive and visually attractive website. Our Web Design also allowed them to sell their products online.

Allied Plumbing

 Is a full service plumbing company providing service, repair, parts supply and “Aging in Place” remodelling services.  After building the service department Website we were asked to provide a site to focus on the plumbing supply division.

The graphic shows the landing page we built to give plumbers and DIY customers an easy way to request part pricing available locally, but also has a store front that can take orders from anywhere in the country.

 The site is responsive and can be used easily by phone, tablet or from a desktop computer.  

Bergman LawWe Designed Bergman Law's website. To attract more clients, the site has a simple and clean look.

has a unique practice that focuses on helping people who might experience unanticipated legal problems.

This client needed a website to reach the mobile phone audience but still looked upscale and professional to the desktop user. They wanted to incorporate the popular parallax site design  and needed SEO and Directory work done as well. The client added a new office and that alone had to be handled correctly if the site was to be effective.  The client had several older locations that had changed but Google and other search engines were still giving out incorrect information. There we other URL’s that he had listed in the past that he need to resolve to his new website. All of these factors contributed to the overall scope of this build.  

The practice has experience representing citizens who come in contact with the legal system and need a strong legal counsel who can mitigate a legal issue quickly.  Everything from traffic tickets to DUI charges are instances that can become a major issue if not handled by a competent attorney.  The graphics needed to instil confidence in the user and all contact information needed to be easy to obtain at a glance.


We designed the website for Proteus Health, A local Tulsa startup.Proteus Health Ball

is a new innovation in response to the exercise revolution we are experiencing in our culture today.

This client had tried several times to get this project off the ground but due to its unique and new concept in exercise they had trouble communicating the concept effectively. The need of a store and other features were also needed.  One product websites are almost as difficult to create as multi-product store websites. When you start with a new product that has never been introduced there are many things to consider.  

As mentioned above the product is new but additionally the concept is somewhat abstract in its approach to building muscle. The weight can be changed by filling the ball with less or more water and then used much like a kettle with similar routines. Unlike a kettle bell this ball has fluid at its core making the weight shift as it is used.  Consequently, we incorporated exercise examples as well as explained the rational of the design using its Hydro Dynamic properties. 

This site is responsive and orders can be made from any of the devices you access the site from.



SolearisWe designed Polearis' website to promote their regional private jet service. Their web design was also accompanied by a highly responsive Mobile version

is a regional private jet service.  With offices in Houston and Tulsa the company offers a verity of services from charters of small private jets to regular shuttle services in and out of the oil patch. 

This website was built just as the website industry was transitioning to a responsive web page format. This means that a particular website responds to the type of device the user is accessing the internet. Because this site was originally designed before the web industry incorporated responsive sites as a rule, we designed a separate mobile site for this client to accommodate the new Google indexing search practices that effect mobile devices.  Consequently, having a traditional built site with a separate mobile site to be accessed by smart phone was common. 

A unique offering by Solaeris is the Fractional Ownership option for clients who enjoy the use of a jet but want to share the expense and advantages between several parties. Solaeris Aviation meets all of the requirements set forth by ARG/US, Bars Silver and is a Wyvern Registered operator. Solaeris has evaluated industry best practices and passed them on to businesses that hold certification under its standard and distinguishes itself by providing a level of professional service unequalled in the industry. 


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