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Proteus Health Ball is a new innovation in response to the exercise revolution we are experiencing in our culture today.

This client had tried several times to get this project off the ground but due to its unique and new concept in exercise they had trouble communicating the concept effectively. The need of a store and other features were also needed.  One product websites are almost as difficult to create as multi-product store websites. When you start with a new product that has never been introduced there are many things to consider.  

As mentioned above the product is new but additionally the concept is somewhat abstract in its approach to building muscle. The weight can be changed by filling the ball with less or more water and then used much like a kettle with similar routines. Unlike a kettle bell this ball has fluid at its core making the weight shift as it is used.  Consequently, we incorporated exercise examples as well as explained the rational of the design using its Hydro Dynamic properties. 

This site is responsive and orders can be made from any of the devices you access the site from.

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