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Bergman Law has a unique practice that focuses on helping people who might experience unanticipated legal problems.

This client needed a website to reach the mobile phone audience but still looked upscale and professional to the desktop user. They wanted to incorporate the popular parallax site design  and needed SEO and Directory work done as well. The client added a new office and that alone had to be handled correctly if the site was to be effective.  The client had several older locations that had changed but Google and other search engines were still giving out incorrect information. There we other URL’s that he had listed in the past that he need to resolve to his new website. All of these factors contributed to the overall scope of this build.  

The practice has experience representing citizens who come in contact with the legal system and need a strong legal counsel who can mitigate a legal issue quickly.  Everything from traffic tickets to DUI charges are instances that can become a major issue if not handled by a competent attorney.  The graphics needed to instil confidence in the user and all contact information needed to be easy to obtain at a glance.

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