In business (and in life) things aren't always black and white

Consequently, some clients need more than the standard 30 second spot to convey their desired message. We realize this need and strive to provide our clients with long form-format video products. These help our clients convey a more in-depth and detailed narrative than the traditional ads. 

These projects are usually very complex. It takes planning, diligence, structure, and time. However, our experience in producing and directing shows and their following media products will definitely benefit your business. 

We have produced informational web videos, corporate videos, long-form infomercials,  direct response videos, instructional videos, and even HR training and safety videos for a variety of clients spanning multiple industries.

Below are some examples of long form productions we have orchestrated for various clients.

Clancy Davis - ArtistVideo Production Setup for Clancy Davis' Concert.

We had the privilege of working with Clancy Davis, a local county music singer, to create a television program that showed the man behind the music. The project was funded by former Prepaid Legal, CEO Harland C. Stonecipher, before death in November 2014. Mr. Stonecipher was a pioneer in the field of insurance and built a multi-billion-dollar business. He was philanthropic and served his community of Ada as well as other important charities over his life. He knew Clancy personally and wanted to invest in his talent and hired us to help to do that.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stonecipher became ill and due to his death the project did not air. His idea was to promote Clancy’s talent with a 30-minute TV program. We went to work on the project calling it Red Clay Country where we featured 5 songs performed by Clancy and his band. The project was produced with state of the art equipment and each of the cameras were individually recorded as well as the instrumental audio and voices recorded on separate tracks. This was a massive undertaking and required us to rent out a local facility to film the music video stage portion of the show. We also had several on location shoots and on location color shooters to capture the studio activities. We only show a portion of the show here and it is unfortunate that it did not get a chance to air.


Skin, Body & Health

Another infomercial that we produced is an infomercial for “Skin, Body, Health”. Dr. Kelly Burkenstock, had a revolutionary new weight loss system, that analyzes your DNA and sets you up with a diet and exercise program tailored for your DNA. Our task was to take her system and her product and develop and infomercial that she could take to a national audience. To accomplish this task; we rented out a local studio, created a set design that featured the DNA Helix, and filmed the shows with a live audience. Of course, that was only part of the process. The other part of the process involves editing the footage to broadcast length, inserting graphics, commercial breaks, product shots and testimonials. The project is currently on hold, awaiting final product labels.





With a wide range of expertise and equipment - including HD & 4K capabilities -  we can help with all of your video needs.


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