"Seize the Day" has been our company byline from the beginning.

New Day Media was established the same month and year Google came into existence. Since that time in early September of 1998 we have been active in all digital forms of advertising. Today, we are on the cutting edge of this highly effective medium and since the very beginning, we have used it on a daily basis. However, we never were just a digital advertising agency.

A conversation about digital marketing should not leave out the mobile space. In 2014 we passed the mobile Tipping Point of digital use. It is now the predominate method we use to connect to the Internet.  Today people who do not have computers, usually have a smart phone and this is a game changer. There is a lot of data on this subject and we are ready to help you capture this new and emerging market.

We provide digital advertising to companies in the Tulsa area and across the U.S.
Digital Ads we use daily:

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • IP Matching Display Advertising
  • Desktop ad Mobile Advertising
    • Keyword or Contextual Ads
    • Geo-Targeted Ads
    • Re-Targeting Ads
    • Geo-Conquesting Ads
  • CPC or PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing/Advertising 

If you are to capture customers using digital marketing it is paramount that you use mobile marketing to get there.  Everything from the way your website responds to the various devices to what your mobile banners should look like is important. This is a serious conversation we need to have if we are to engage with the largest audience ever. 

Our roots are in traditional proven concepts of advertising; but, we have always incorporated digital advertising with traditional forms of advertising to get the best results for our clients. This is one of our strengths and it shows. Media today is in transition from many platforms into one digital platform. This makes it important to have experience in both traditional and digital advertising so you can effectively meet your client’s needs .  

The take away from this is that we do not push one type of advertising to all our clients. Rather we evaluate our client’s needs and determine the best approach to marketing their product or service. 


Need help spreading your net across the Internet? Give us a call at 1-800-834-6606 or use our contact form.


At New Day Media, we have adopted a holistic approach to the Advertising business.

Our creative and management team has a wealth of experience in their fields respectively, but also understand how other fields operate. Our ability to offer a wide specter of services combined with our team's ability to collaborate across departments makes us the right choice for your ad/marketing campaign or website design. 

By offering these additonal services, we can handle all your needs buy soma online .



Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

" Digital Advertising Tailored Advertising for Specific Digital Platforms. "

Print Advertising

Print Advertising

" Print Advertising Top-Notch Advertising, the Traditional Way. "

Digital & Social

Digital & Social

" Digital & Social Implementation of social media strategies and digital marketing. "

Media Buying

Media Buying

"Many ad agencies work on a commission basis for providing services. "


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