New technologies and easy access to the Internet has created an information highway with unprecedented potential. What remains unclear is how marketers will adapt to the fast-changing social media landscape.

The amount of information shared across the Internet is staggering, and will by surpass the zettabyte (That’s One Sextillion Bytes) by 2020, according to white papers issued by Cisco.

With such a massive amount of data available at our fingertips, it is paramount that marketers find ways to distinguish their content from the other “noise”.  Which begs the question: What do people like?

According to the social media mogul himself, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it is video. “ We’re entering this new golden age of video” Zuckerberg said in an interview with Buzzfeed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video”.

Zuckerberg’s statement reflects the direction of the entire Social Media spectrum.

As devices become faster, social media outlets and websites shift their focus towards video. Snapchat increasingly focus on video and now allow traditional broadcasters to tap into their viewer-base with their Featured videos function. Also, to stay competitive in Video sharing, Twitter recently changed their character counter to not include videos, which lets you tweet all 140 characters in addition to your video. And let’s not forget Live Videos; Facebook, which generate 8 billion views daily, now also offers live-video services, and Periscope – a recently new platform – is dedicated solely to Live Streaming. All these generates billiong of views, evnen without mentioning the king of video : Youtube - which attracts over 1 billion unique visitors every month (more than any other channel)

The fingers are all pointing in one direction: Video

If you want to remain competitive in the age of content marketing, your content needs to include video. Its effectiveness as a marketing tool is as clear as day. For example, when sharing a video, your reach increase by 135%, according to a recent study by Socialbaker. You also get more interactions when your content includes video. According to Twitter, tweets containing photos or videos get the most retweets. Even just putting the word : "Video” in your e-mail subject line increase open rates by 19% according to a report from syndacast

Featuring videos on your homepage  also adds enourmous advantages to your marketing efforts. Videos, which Google, bing and other search engines classifies as rich media, is also favored in their search algorithms. This means that adding video content to your site will help you rank higher in your target keywords.

Video is here to stay

The Audiovisual medium has been a central part of our everyday lives since the invention of television and will remain a powerful tool of communication. The movement of social media and search engines as well as the overall technological improvements are testimony to this effect. Jump on the wave before it passes!

Lastly, just producing a video campaign is not enough. Your content needs to be eye-popping. According to Cisco, it will take an individual 50 million years to watch a month’s worth of uploads in 2020. This means that, for your video to reach your audience’s retinas during their lifetime, your video must stand out and, most importantly, be sharable and likable.

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