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New Day Media

We are a Creative Advertising Agency using new media to provide companies with creative and innovative ways to reach out and engage their audiences. We see ourselves as a media solution company using video, graphics and the web for communicating our client’s ideas in a way that is effective, creative and unique.

The above player has just a sampling of our video work. We display our work to give you an idea of the various custom styles and formats we have used in the past.  One thing is certain, if you use us as your media provider your project will be handled with a commitment to the highest standards of quality. It will always be viewable on every device whether the device is a flat screen large television or a handheld device like an iPhone or iPad.  

One mark of distinction between the other guys and us is that we almost always use video to tell the story.  We believe that video is the best way to convey your message.  In today’s world, a website that doesn't use video is not relevant.  Think about it…… YouTube is the number two most popular search engine on the planet. Google is first and Yahoo comes in a distant third.  So you should use video on your website and yes on the home page if at all possible.  

It just makes sense to tell your story using the most effective means available. We want our client's websites to be informative, effective and relevant to their audience.